Classical general relativity (GRT) – well proven and also incomplete

Klassische Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie – gut bestätigt, aber unvollständig


This website has two aims:

1.) Provide evidence of incompleteness of classical GRT. Two pages suffice. See GRT - well proven and also incomplete?“ or in German „Ist die Klassische Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie unvollständig?“. Later, refined versions you will find in: Talks_Brandes_since_2014

2.) Provide evidence that these considerations become slandered. See Einwand-Diffamierung-2012 as well as Further_Counterarguments_since_2013.

Since 2016 there are two additional aims:

3.) Presentation of a review by Dr. habil. Ludwig Neidhart being helpful for your decision of whether my website has enough scientific background:



4.) More about our book and additional ideas

J. Brandes, J. Czerniawski: Spezielle und Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie für Physiker und Philosophen - Einstein- und Lorentz-Interpretation, Paradoxien, Raum und Zeit, Experimente, 2010 Karlsbad: VRI, 4. erweiterte Auflage, 404 Seiten, 100 Abbil­dungen, ISBN 978-3-930879-08-3 Näheres oder

Since the publication of our book several additional ideas different from 1.) arose. They also become part of Talks_Brandes_since_2014. The latest ones discussing VLBI ALMA results and the EHT observations (black holes) are

Poster DPG 2019 “Possible experimental proof of Lorentz interpretation (LI) of GRT – further arguments”

Possible experimental proof of Lorentz interpretation (LI) of GRT – M87

Measuring results of M87 and Lorentz interpretation (LI) of GRT

and since 14.11.2019

Three observations questioning classical GRT – EHT image of M87*, Spin, ALMA image of SGR A*

Some additional information: This website prefers Lorentz interpretation of SRT and GRT. Certainly, there is no difference with the experimental results of classical GRT including gravitational waves but the great exception: Lorentz interpretation of GRT predicts that there are no black holes in the galactic centers. Excitingly, this is going to be tested by the Event-Horizon-Telescope collaboration with first results since April 2019. The main result – image of Sgr A* – is missing up to now.


Classical GRT, Lorentz interpretation of GRT (LI of GRT)

Klassische Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie, Lorentz-Interpretation der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie


Table of content:

Talk 2012:  „Ist die Klassische Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie unvollständig?“

Talk 2013: „GRT - well proven and also incomplete?“

Talks about LI of GRT since 2014: Talks_Brandes_since_2014

Slandering LI of GRT, counterarguments 2012: Einwand-Diffamierung-2012

Slandering LI of GRT, counterarguments since 2013: Further_Counterarguments_since_2013


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